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Protests in the 21st Century

One after another, they fill front-page headlines—Tehran, Tahrir, Wall Street, Puerta del Sol, Gezi Park, Euromaidan, Hong Kong.

The War on Information

Getting the story out can be a dangerous enterprise. Journalists throughout the world go about their profession in a climate of repression and coercion, often…

Russia Rejects Global Governance Norms

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on October 25th at the annual Valdai Discussion Club made clear that Russia does not view the post-Cold War order…

What the G20 Should Know About Big Data

Big Data, the analysis of huge datasets using sophisticated algorithms, holds huge promise. One of the most-cited examples, Google Flu Trends predicts flu outbreaks based…

Give Back on #GivingTuesday!

On December 2nd, a global movement dedicated to giving time, money, and resources for doing good kicks off the holiday giving season. #GivingTuesday is a…

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  • November/December 2014

    November/December 2014 Issue VI, Vol VIII

    Occupying Public Spaces and Democratized Dialogue

    FEATURED: Protests in the 21st Century

    PLUS: Resurrecting the Silk Road; The War of Information; Interview with Ambassador Jimmy Kolker on Global Health; and more!

Globalization, Democracy, and Civil Society: An Assessment

Has the growth of global civil society promoted popular self-government, and most particularly in developing countries? Many advocates of progressive social change have champion...

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